Swinburne University & The Brainary making “NAO” robotics workshops in schools a reality

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NAO is the most widely-used humanoid robot in the world for Research and Education.

The NAO Robotics in Schools Workshop is innovative and highly engaging.  It is delivered in your school by Swinburne University of Technology in partnership with The Brainary.  The workshop is available all over Australia and New Zealand and gives students the opportunity to learn the basics of humaniod robotics and programming.

Why should students learn robotics? In the near future students will need to learn how to interact with advanced digital technology such as humanoid like ‘NAO’.  It is also likely that their ability to successfully program and amange technology, such as NAO, may be directly connected to their employability as adults.


The NAO Robotics in Schools Workshop enables students in Years 5 – 8 to learn how:

  • Robots operate
  • NAO and other robots can be programmed
  • Robotics can make a positive difference in Society
  • How robotics has developed during the last 50 years

How does it work?  During the workshop, students work collaboratively in teams of four students (up to six teams per workshop) using ‘Choreographe” to develop programming for NAO.  The students then get to see their programming come to life on a real NAO robot.

Participating schools are given complimentary 90-day access to the NAO programming software, ‘Choreographe’ which is used during the workshop and can be used afterwards in additional lessons.

Duration: Workshops run for 2-3 hours (including breaks)

Evaluation: The effectiveness of the workshop can be evaluated through the children’s programming and consequential operation of NAO.

Cost: The cost of the workshop is $979 incl. GST and is limited to a maximum of 24 children per workshop. (There may be a surcharge for regional locations to cover the cost of additional travel and accommodation if required.)

Contact The Brainary Toll Free: 1300 931 664 or Email: nao@thebrainary.com

Click to View the Schools Workshops Brochure

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