Between Sessions: Free Downloads for Working with Adults


Almost all adults will benefit from working on their problems in real life situations…and these tools can help your clients generalise what they have learned from their time in your office.

Between Sessions developer Dr. Lawrence Shapiro, Ph.D. has created many different types of tools to help clients keep data on their behaviour, to help clients reflect on their thoughts and moods, to help clients communicate more effectively with others, and much more.

Free downloads:

Tips for Managing and Preventing Stress — Stress tips for emergency response and public workers. (PDF Download) #2125

Getting Motivated — This worksheet is designed to help people motivate themselves to accomplish a task or address a problem. (View & Print) #2135

Understanding Your Self-Esteem — This worksheet is designed to help people see if they perceive their positive and negative qualities accurately. (View & Print) #2087


For further information on Between Sessions Online Therapeutic Tools, visit The Brainary’s website by clicking the following link: click here

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